Our company

ABOUT " eWay Group "

Since the foundation of the company's management "CRUISE CONTROL" 20.01.2013, it was re-branded "Community company" "eWay Group " taken an active policy of maintaining high standards of service quality, as well as to ensure the security and efficiency of their work. Today, we are an organization that can satisfy the most demanding customer.
Our specialization - Implementation auto haul in the presence of the customer and the provision of other freight and passenger services in the city of Almaty and the surrounding area.

Our principles are:

  • Efficiency
  • Safety
  • Reliability
  • Delicacy
  • Privacy

Our goal - to become a leader in the field of transport and passenger transport by the exceptional service our customers in the most favorable terms.


  • experience serving more than 10,000 customers (reviewed here );
  • long-term trusting and mutually beneficial relationships with partner companies ;
  • well-coordinated team of professionals.

Knowledge of the market, working closely with a number of large companies and institutions, as well as clever use of marketing communications allowed the introduction of a "Community company" "eWay Group " effective management system, providing:

  • flexiblepricing;
  • discountsforregularcustomers ;
  • Automation;
  • managementapplications;
  • coordinationoftheregistry;
  • billing;
  • providing certificates of completed works and acts of reconciliation.

Why are we?

Choosing the "Commonwealth of companies" "eWay Group " as a reliable and comfortable carrier, you can be sure:

  • in service "Taxi" - in the comfort and quick-filing machines;
  • in service "Sober driver" - in your personal safety and the safety of your car;
  • in service "911" - a timely response to your inquiry;
  • in service "Driver Nanny" - a gentle and courteous accompanied by your children;
  • in service "Supermarket" - a fast, reliable delivery of goods;
  • in service "Transfer" - the individual decision of passenger transport your company's needs;
  • in service "Courier" - in the reliability of delivery of commercial correspondence "door to door" as soon as possible;
  • in service "Zoo Driver" - in a caring transportation of your pet;
  • service at a "Reliable assistant" - the operational and quality performance of your orders.
  • in service "Personal driver" - in a comfortable ride and your personal safety.
  • in service "Car rental" - a large range of machines and individual approach to each client.

Focus on the needs of our clients, excellent service, reasonable prices and professionalism of our team allow us to guarantee the quality of our services.