«911» Service

On the way at times, for emergencies associated with the breakdown of the vehicle. Ordering service "911" in our company , you can at any time to get expert technical assistance on the roads of the city of Almaty and the surrounding area. If the cause of the problem has become commonplace discharging, our experts will approach to you and will start the engine. Not "lasted" before refueling? Employees of the "Community company" ”eWay Group” willquickly deliver gasoline in the right amount so that you can self-drive to the gas station and fill the fuel tank. Replacing wheels, lockable withdrawal - our experts will help you. All crews are equipped with Roadside set of professional tools and equipment, allowing to quickly solve many problems associated with the breakdown of the vehicle on the road.

Starting the engine 1500 tenge
Deliveries of gasoline from 1500 tenge
Towing of vehicles up to 3 tons - from 2500 tenge
Changing wheels and removing lockable 2000 tenge