Sober Driver “Cruise Control”

Alcohol in the blood?

Prefer to rest comfortably in your car? Would you like to relax, and have someone to do your work? The "Sober Driver" - the right decision! Call, and professional drivers of the "Community of companies "eWay Group " will help you get home safe in your car without any violations of traffic regulations. In this case, you do not expose yourself or others because of the danger of drinking and driving, and your car is perfectly safe will be parked next to your house.



1. Driving to the place - 1500 tenge within a square of the city:

Additional stop or deviation from the route 500 tenge

The Sober Driver waits first 10 minutes. Following 10 minutes of waiting 500 tenge

Check out for that square 100 tenge / km

2. Personal Driver - 3000 tenge / hour

For the second hour - 2000 tenge